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F. Wang Holec, D., Odén, M., Mücklich, F., Abrikosov, I.A., Tasnádi, F. „Systematic ab initio investigation of the elastic modulus in quaternary transition metal nitride alloys and their coherent multilayers“ Acta Materialia 127 2017   124-132   published formated output
E. Roitero F. Lassere, M. Anglada, F. Mücklich, E. Jiménez-Piqué „A parametric study of laser interference surface patterning of dental zirconia: Effects of laser parameters on topography and surface quality“ Dental Materials 33 2017   pp. e28-e38   published formated output
L. Reinert F. Lasserre, C. Gachot, P. Grützmacher, T. MacLucas, N. Souza, F. Mücklich, S. Suarez „Long-lasting solid lubrication by CNT-coated patterned surfaces“ Scientific Reports 7 2017   42873 Doi: 10.1038/srep42873 published formated output
N. Souza M. Roble, D. E. Diaz-Droguett, F. Mücklich „Scaling up single-wall carbon nanotube laser annealing: effect on electrical resistance and hydrogen adsorption“ RSC Advances 7 2017 9 5084 - 5092 doi:10.1039/C6RA27794B published formated output
I. C. Schramm C. Pauly, M.P. Johansson Joesaar, P. Eklund, J. Schmauch, F. Mücklich, M. Odén „Solid state formation of Ti4AlN3 in cathodic arc deposited (Ti1−xAlx)Ny alloys“ Acta Materialia 129 2017   268-277   published formated output
D. Britz J. Webel, A. S. Schneider, F. Mücklich „Identifying and quantifying mricrostructures in low-alloyed steels: a correlative approach“ Metallurgia Italiana 3 2017   5 - 10   published formated output
A. Kruglova M. Roland, S. Diebels, T. Dahmen, P. Slusallk, F. Mücklich „Modelling and characterization of ductile fracture surface in Al-Si alloys by means of Voronoi tessellation“ Materials Characterization 131 2017   1 - 11 DOI: 10.1016/j.matchar.2017.06.013 published formated output
F. Forouzan N. Strandqvist, E. Vuorinen, E.Navara, F. Mücklich „Effect of Tempering on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded and Post-Weld Treated AHSS Specimens“ Materials Science Forum   2017   18 - 24 DOI: 10.4028/ published formated output
F. Forouzan E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Post weld-treatment of laser welded AHSS by application of quenching and partitioning technique“ Materials Science & Engineering A   2017       accepted formated output
F. Forouzan S. Gunasekaran, Al Hedayati, E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Microstructure analysis and mechanical properties of low alloy high strength quenched and partitioned steel“ Solid State Phenomena 258 2017   574 - 578   published formated output
A. Torge P. Grützmacher, F. Mücklich, M. Schneider „The influence of mannitol on morphology and disintegration of spray-dried nano-embedded microparticles“ European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 104 2017   171 - 179 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejps.2017.04.003 published formated output
A.E. Giba P. Pigeat, S. Bruyere, H. Rinnert, F. Soldera, F. Mücklich, R. Gago, D. Horwat „Strong Room Temperature Blue Emission from Rapid Thermal Annealed Cerium-Doped Aluminium“ ACS Photonics 4 2017   1945-1953 DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b00233 published formated output
R. Schieber F. Lasserre, M. Hans, M. Fernández-Yagüe, M. Diaz-Ricart, G. Escolar, M. Ginebra, F. Mücklich, M. Pegueroles „Direct Laser Interference Patterning of CoCr Alloy Surfaces to Control Endothelial Cell and Platelet Response for Cardiovascular Applications“ Advanced Health Care Materials   2017     DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201700327 published formated output
Y. Wang J. Ghanbaja, S. Bruyère, F. Soldera, D. Horwat, F. Mücklich, J. F. Pierson „Room temperature self-assembled growth of vertically aligned columnar copper oxide nanocomposite thin films on unmatched substrates“ Scientific Reports 7   2017   1-9 DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-10540-6 published formated output
A. Ababneh A. N. Al-Omari, A. M. K. Dagamseh, M. Tantawi, C. Pauly, F. Mücklich, D. Feili, H. Seidel „Electrical and morphological characterization of platinum thin-films with various adhesion layers for high temperature applications“ Microsystem Technologies 23 2017 3 703-709   published formated output
I. C. Schramm C. Pauly, M.P. Johansson Joesaar, S. Slawik, S. Suarez, F. Mücklich, M. Odén „Effects of nitrogen vacancies on phase stability and mechanical properties of arc deposited (Ti0.52Al0.48)Ny (y < 1) coatings“ Surface & Coatings Technology 330 2017   77-86 DOI: 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2017.09.043 published formated output
R. Puyol S. Suarez „A Contact Resistance Measurement Setzup fot the Study of Novel Contacts“ In: IEEE URUCON, IEEE   2017   3-6   published formated output
A. Katzensteiner K. Aristizabal, S. Suarez, R. Pippan, A. Bachmaier „Temperature dependent structural evolution in nickel/carbon nanotube composites processed by high-pressure torsion“ IOP Conf. Ser. Mater. Sci. Eng. 194 2017   12019 Doi: 10.1088/1757-899X/194/1/012019 published formated output
K. Aristizabal A. Katzensteiner, A. Bachmaier, F. Mücklich, S. Suarez „Study of the structural defects on carbon nanotubes in metal matrix composites processed by severe plastic deformation“ Carbon 125 2017   156-161   published formated output
L. Reinert S. Suarez, T. Müller, F. Mücklich „Carbon Nanoparticle-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites: Microstructural Tailoring and Predictive Modeling“ Adv. Eng. Mater. 19 2017   1600750 DOI: 10.1002/adem.201600750 published formated output
K. Aristizabal S. Suarez, A. Katzensteiner, A. Bachmaier, F. Mücklich „Evolution of the microstructure in carbon nanotube reinforced Nickel matrix composites processed by high-pressure torsion“ IOP Conf. Ser. Mater. Sci. Eng. 258 2017   12008 DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/258/1/012008 published formated output
J. J. Roa H. Aboulfadl, J. Barrirero, M. Turon-Vinas, F. Mücklich, M. Anglada „Chemical segregation in a 12Ce-ZrO2/3Y-ZrO2 cermanic composite“ Mater. Charact. 132 2017   83-91   published formated output
P.K. Yalamanchili F. Wang, I. Schramm, J.M. Andersson, M.P.J. Joesaar, F. Tasnádi, F. Mücklich, N. Ghafoor, M. Odén „Exploring the high entropy alloy concept in (AlTiVNbCr)N“ Thin Solid Films 636 2017   346-352   published formated output
S. Fang L. Llanes, D. Bähre, F. Mücklich „3D characterization of cubic boron nitride (CBN) composites used as tool material for high precision abrasive machining processes“ Ceramics International 43 2017 17 14693-14700   published formated output
S. Fang L. Llanes, S. Klein, C. Gachot, A. Rosenkranz, D. Bähre, F. Mücklich „Frictional Performance Assessment of Cemented Carbide Surfaces Textured by Laser“ IOP Conference Series: Materials Sience and Engineering 258 2017   1-6 DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/258/1/012006 published formated output
J. Lee P. Srimuk, K. Aristizabal, C. Kim, S. Choudhury, Y.C.Nah, F. Mücklich, V. Presser „Pseudocapacitive Desalination of Brackish Water and Seawater with Vanadium-Pen toxide-Decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes“ Chem. Sus. Chem. 10 2017 18     published formated output
K.M. Calamba I.C. Schramm, M.P. Johansson Joesaar, J. Ghanbaja, J.F. Pierson, F. Mücklich, M. Odén „Enhanced thermal stability and mechanical properties of nitrogen deficient titanium aluminum nitride (Ti0.54AI0.46Ny) thin films by tuning the applied negative bias voltage“ Journal of Applied Physics 122 2017 255     published formated output
Y.H. Chen L. Rogström, J.J. Roa, J.Q. Zhu, I.C. Schramm, L.J.S. Johnson, N. sChell, F. Mücklich, M.J. Anglada, M. Odén „Thermal and mechanical stability of wurtzite-ZrAIN/cubic-TiN and wurzite-ZrAIN/cubic-ZrN multilayers“ Surface and Coatings Technology 324 2017 255     published formated output
D. Britz J. Webel, J. Gola, F. Mücklich „A Correlative Approach to Capture and Quantify Substructures by Means of Image Registration“ Practical Metallography 54 2017 10 685-696   published formated output
A. Rosenkranz A. Szurdak, P. Grützmacher, G. Hirt, F. Mücklich „Friction reduction induced by elliptical surface patterns under lubricated conditions“ Advanced Engineering Materials   2017 255 1-7 DOI: 10.1002/adem.20170031 published formated output
E. Raoms-Moore A. Rosenkranz, L.F.Matamala, A. Videla, A. Duran, J. Ramos-Grez „Effect of Surface Etsching and Electrodeposition of Copper on Nitinol“ IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 258 2017   1-9   published formated output
C.J. Hsu A. Stratmann, A. Rosenkranz, C. Gachot „Enhanced growth of ZDDP based tribofims on laser-interference patterned cylinder roller bearings“ Lubricants 5 2017 39 doi:10.3390/lubrican   published formated output
S. Bettscheider P.G. Grützmacher, A. Rosenkranz „Low friction and high solid-solid contactratio - a contradiction for laser-patterened surfaces?“ Lubricants 5 2017 35   doi:10.3390/lubricants5030035 published formated output
P.G. Grützmacher A. Rosenkranz, A. Szurdak, C. Gachot, G. Hirt, F. Mücklich „Effects of Multi-Scale Patterning on the Run-In Behavior of Steel-Alumina Pairings under Lubricated Conditions“ Advanced Engineering Materials   2017 255   DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700521 published formated output
P.G. Grützmacher A. Rosenkranz, S. Rammacher, C. Gachot, F. Mücklich „The influence of centrifugal forces on friction and wear in rotational sliding“ Tribology International 116 2017   256-263 DOI: 10.1016/tribol.2017.07.021 published formated output
A. Bachmaier H. Krenn, P. Knoll, H. Aboulfadl, R. Pippan „Tailoring the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Cu-Co alloys prepared by high-pressure torsion and isothermal annealing“ Journal of Alloy and Compounds 725 2017   744-749 doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2017.07.200 published formated output
T. Prill D. Jeulin, F. Willot, J. Balach, F. Soldera „Prediction of Effective Properties of Porous Carbon Electrodes from a Parametric 3D Random Morphological Model“ Transport in Porous Media 120 2017 1 120-141 published formated output
J. Luo C. Hein, F. Mücklich, M. Solioz „Killing of bacteria by copper, cadmium, and silver surfaces reveals relevant physicochemical parameters“ Biointerphases 12 2017 2 020301   published formated output
T. MacLucas S. Schütz, S. Suarez, F.Muecklich „Surface protection of austenitic steels by carbon nanotube coatings“ Surface Topography   2017       submitted formated output
M. Linz M.R. Ripoll, C. Gachot, C .Pauly, F. Franek, F. Mücklich „On the competition between plastic deformation and material detachment in ferritic/pearlitic steel under boundary lubrication“ Wear 376 2017   813-821   published formated output

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