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F. Forouzan E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Post weld-treatment of laser welded AHSS by application of quenching and partitioning technique“ Materials Science & Engineering A   2017       accepted formated output
S. Fang A. Rosenkranz, F.G. Marro, C. Gachot, L.Llanes, D. Bähre, F. Mücklich „Surface Modification of Cemented Tungsten Carbide (Wc-Co) by Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Processing and its Tribological Properties“ 7th International Conference on Tribology in Manufacturing Processes   2016       accepted formated output
A.Manzoni „Constrained hierarchical twinning in Ru-based high temperature shape memory alloys Acta Materialia“ Acta Materialia   2016       accepted formated output
S.A. Brinkmann M. Frensemeier, C.M. Laursen, H.J. Maier, D.Britz, A.S. Schneider, F. Mücklich, C.P. Frick „Effect of Indentation Temperature on Nickel-Titanium Indentation-Induced Two-Way Shape-Memory Surfaces“ Materials Science & Engineering A   2016     doi: accepted formated output
W. Chamorro J. Ghanbaja, Y. Battie, A. en Naciri, F. Soldera, F. Mücklich, D. Horwat „Local Structure-Driven Localized Surface Plasmon Absorption and Enhanced Photoluminescence in ZnO-Au thin Films“ Journal of Physical Chemistry   2016       accepted formated output
P. Domenichini A.M. Condó, F. Soldera, M.Sirena, N. Haberkorn „Influence of the microstructure on the resulting 18R martensitic transformation of polycrystalline Cu-Al-ZN thin films obtained by sputtering and reactive annealing“ Materials Characterization 114 2016   289-295 DOI: 10.1016/j.matchar.2016.03.008 accepted formated output
C. Gachot A. Rosenkranz, S.M. Hsu, H.L. Costa „A Critical Assessment of Surface Texturirng: Current Understandings“ Wear   2016     Invited Review Article accepted in Wear 29.11.2016 accepted formated output
E. Ramos-Moore A. Rosenkranz „Failure Analysis of Slurry Pump Impeller Fractured at Collahuasi Mine“ Practical Metallography   2016     Accepted in PM 28.09.2016 accepted formated output
S. Bettscheider C. Gachot, A. Rosenkranz „How to measure the real contact area? A simple marker and relocation foot-printing approach“ Tribology International   2016     Accepted in Tribology International 26.06.2016 accepted formated output
A. Rosenkranz C. Gachot, E. Ramos-Moore, F. Mücklich „The influence of laser-patterned surfaces on the frictional behavior under dry and lubricated sliding conditions“ Tribology Online   2016     Accepted in Tribology Online 31.03.2016 accepted formated output
A. Rosenkranz S.A. Khan, C. Gachot, F. Mücklich „Wear behavior of micro-coined steel surfaces under mixed lubrication“ Industrial Lubrication and Tribology   2016     Accepted in Industrial Lubrication and Tribology accepted formated output
K. Woll A. Bergamaschi, K. Nordlung, K. Avchachov, D. Flyura, C. Wagner, F. Mücklich, C. Pauly „Ru/Al Multilayers Integrate Maximum Energy Density and Ductility for Reactive Materials“ Scientific Reports   2015       accepted formated output
K. Trinh E. Ramos-Moore, I. Green, C. Pauly, M. Zamanzade, F. Mücklich „Topographical and Microstructural Effects of Laser Surface Texturing on Tin-coated Copper Electrical Connectors under Load Cycling“ IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology   2015       accepted formated output

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