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M. A. Guitar A. Scheid, S. Suárez, D. Britz, M. Duarte Guigou, F. Mücklich „Secondary carbides in high chromium cst irons: an alternative approach to their morphological and spatial distribution characterization“ Materials Characterization 144 2018   621-630   published formated output
J. Webel J. Gola, D. Britz, F. Mücklich „A new analysis approach based on Haralick texture features for the characterization of microstructure on the example of low-alloy steels “ Materials Characterization 144 2018   584-596   published formated output
A. Koblischka-Veneva F. Mücklich, M. R. Koblischka, U. Hartmann, Y. Zhou, S. Murphy, I.V. Shvets „EBSD Analysis of the Growth of [001] Magnetite Thin Films on MgO Substrates“ Materials Science and Engineering B 144 2007   64-68 presented at E-MRS spring meeting 2007, Strasbourg, Symposium H, “Nanoscale tailoring of defect structures for optimized functional & multifunctional oxide films” published formated output

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