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I. El Azhari J. Garcia M. Zamanzade, F. Soldera, C. Pauly, L. Llanes, F. Mücklich „Investigations on micro-mechanical properties of polycrystalline Ti(C, N) and Zr(C,N) coatings“ Acta Materialia 149 2018   364-376   published formated output
F. Wang Holec, D., Odn, M., Mcklich, F., Abrikosov, I.A., Tasndi, F. „Systematic ab initio investigation of the elastic modulus in quaternary transition metal nitride alloys and their coherent multilayers“ Acta Materialia 127 2017   124-132   published formated output
I. C. Schramm C. Pauly, M.P. Johansson Joesaar, P. Eklund, J. Schmauch, F. Mcklich, M. Odn „Solid state formation of Ti4AlN3 in cathodic arc deposited (Ti1−xAlx)Ny alloys“ Acta Materialia 129 2017   268-277   published formated output
S. Stanojevic I. Gallino, H. Aboulfadl, M. Sahin, F. Mcklich, R. Busch „Oxidation of glassy NiNbSn alloys and its influence on the thermodynamics and kinetics of crystallization“ Acta Materialia 102 2016   176-186   published formated output
Li, J.H. Barrirero, J., Sha, G., Aboulfadl, H., Mcklich, F., Schumacher, P. „Precipitation hardening of an Mg-5Zn-2Gd-0.4Zr (wt. %) alloy“ Acta Materialia 108 2016   207 - 218 doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2016.01.053 published formated output
A.Manzoni A. Denquin, P. Vernaut, F. Prima, U. Puente-Orench, C. Pauly, F. Mcklich, R. A. Portier „Constrained hierarchical twinning in Ru-based high temperature shape memory alloys Acta Materialia“ Acta Materialia 111 2016   283-296   published formated output
A. Bachmaier J. Schmauch, H. Aboulfadl, A. Verch, C. Motz „On the process of co-deformation and phase dissolution in a hard-soft immiscible Cu-Co alloy system during high-pressure torsion“ Acta Materialia 115 2016   333-346 doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2016.06.010 published formated output
I. C. Schramm M. P. Johansson Jesaar, J. Jensen, F. Mcklich, M. Odn „Impact of nitrogen vacancies on the high temperature behavior of (Ti1-xAlx)Ny alloys“ Acta Materialia 119 2016   218-228   published formated output
K. Yalamanchili F. Wang, H. Aboulfadl, J. Barrirero, L. Rogstrm, E. Jimnez-Pique, F. Mcklich, F. Tasnadi, M. Odn, N. Ghafoor „Growth and thermal stability of TiN/ZrAlN: Effect of internal interfaces“ Acta Materialia 121 2016   396 - 406 doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2016.07.006 published formated output
K. Yalamanchili I.C. Schramm, E. Jimnez-Piqu, L. Rogstrm, F. Mcklich, M. Odn, N. Ghafoor „Tuning hardness and fracture resistance of ZrN/Zr0.63Al0.37N nanoscale multilayers by stress-induced transformation toughening“ Acta Materialia 89 2015   22-31 DOI:10.1016/j.actamat.2015.01.066 published formated output
A. Bachmaier M. Pfaff, M. Stolpe, H. Aboulfadl, C. Motz „Phase separation of a supersaturated nanocrystalline Cu-Co alloy and its influence on thermal stability“ Acta Materialia 96 2015   269-283 doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2015.05.053 published formated output
Y. Wang J. Ghanbaja, F. Soldera, P. Boulet, D. Horwat, F. Mcklich, J.F. Pierson „Controlling the preferred orientation in sputter-deposited Cu2O thin films: influence of the initial growth stage and homoepitaxial growth mechanism“ Acta Materialia 76 2014   207-212 DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2014.05.008 published formated output
A. Velichko A. Wiegmann, F. Mcklich „Estimation of the Effective Conductivities of Complex Cast Iron Microstructures using FIB-tomographic Analysis“ Acta Materialia 57 2009   5023-5035 DOI:10.1016/j.actamat.2009.07.004 | PDF verfgbar published formated output
Y. Gaillard E. Jimnez-Piqu, F. Soldera, F. Mcklich, M. Anglada „Quantification of Hydrothermal Degradation in Zirconia by Nanoindentation“ Acta Materialia 56 2008 16 4206-4216 DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2008.04.050 | PDF verfgbar published formated output
A. Velichko C. Holzapfel, A. Siefers, K. Schladitz, F. Mcklich „Unambiguous Classificatio of Complex Microstructures by their Three-dimensional Parameters Applied to Graphite in Cast Iron“ Acta Materialia 56 2008 9 1981-1990   published formated output
F. Lasagni A. Lasagni, E. Marks, C. Holzapfel, F. Mucklich, H.P. Degischer „Three-dimensional characterization of as-cast and solution-treated AlSi12(Sr) alloys by high-resolution FIB tomography“ Acta Materialia 55 2007   3875-3882 DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2007.03.004 | PDF verfgbar published formated output
K. W. Liu F. Mcklich „Thermal Stability of Nano-RuAl Produced by Mechanical Alloying“ Acta Materialia 49 2001   395-403   published formated output
J. Li J. Barrirero, G. Sha, H. Aboulfadl, F. Mcklich, P. Schumacher „Precipitation hardening of an Mg-5Zn-2Gd-0.4Zr (wt. %) alloy“ Acta Materialia           submitted formated output

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