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C. Gachot A. Rosenkranz, L. Reinert, E. Ramos-Moore, N. Souza, M. Müser, F. Mücklich „Dry friction between laser-patterned surfaces: Role of alignment, structural wavelength and surface chemistry“ Tribology Letters 49 2013 1 193-202 DOI: 10.1007/s11249-012-0057-y | PDF verfügbar published formated output
N. Jeanvoine A. Velichko, C. Selzner, F. Mücklich „Nanotomography of Electrical Contacts – New Insights by High Resolution 3D Analysis of Local Material Degradation“ European Physical Journal: Applied Physics 49 2008 255 1-6 DOI: 10.1051/epjap/2009210 | PDF verfügbar published formated output
K. W. Liu F. Mücklich „Synthesis of RuAl/ZrO2 Nanocomposite by Mechanical Alloying and Subsequent Annealing“ Scripta Materialia 49 2003 3 207-212   published formated output
H.A. Gobran K. W. Liu, D. Heger, F. Mücklich „Investigation on Point Defect Structure in Single Phase B2 Type RuAl Alloys by Lattice Parameter Measurements“ Scripta Materialia 49 2003 12 1097-1102   published formated output
K. W. Liu F. Mücklich „Thermal Stability of Nano-RuAl Produced by Mechanical Alloying“ Acta Materialia 49 2001   395-403   published formated output

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