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F. Mücklich S. Beinstingel, W. Arnold „Investigation of Vibration Induced Particle Segregation for the Processing of FGM“ Proceedings Functionally Graded Materials 1998, W. Kaysser (Ed.), Trans Tech Publications Inc, Enfield, USA   1999   25 - 31   published formated output
F. Mücklich M. Lorinser, S. Hartmann, S. Beinstingel, J. Linke, M. Rödig „Be-Cu Gradient Materials through Controlled Segregation - Basic Investigations“ Proceedings of the third IEA international workshop on Beryllium Technology for Fusion, October 22-24, 1997, Mito city, Japan, H. Kawamura, M. Okamoto (Eds.), Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute   1998   102 - 106   published formated output

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