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D. Jankovic-Ilic J. Fiscina, C.G. Oliver, N. Ilic, F. Mücklich „Self Formed Cu-W Finctionally Graded Material Produced via Powder Segregation“ Advanced Engineering Materials 9 2007 7 542-546   published formated output
J. Fiscina D. Jankovic-Ilic, F. Mücklich „Applying the Brazil Nut Approach to Manufacture W-Cu Graded Materials“ Granular Matter 6 2004   207-213   published formated output
J. Fiscina M. Ohligschläger, F. Mücklich „W-Cu Graded Alloys Produced by Size Segregation of Agglomerates Induced by Vertical Vibration at High Frequencies“ Journal of Materials Science Letters 22 2003   1455-1457   published formated output

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