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F. Forouzan N. Strandqvist, E. Vuorinen, E.Navara, F. Mücklich „Effect of Tempering on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded and Post-Weld Treated AHSS Specimens“ Materials Science Forum   2017   18 - 24 DOI: 10.4028/ published formated output
F. Forouzan E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Post weld-treatment of laser welded AHSS by application of quenching and partitioning technique“ Materials Science & Engineering A   2017       accepted formated output
F. Forouzan S. Gunasekaran, Al Hedayati, E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Microstructure analysis and mechanical properties of low alloy high strength quenched and partitioned steel“ Solid State Phenomena 258 2017   574 - 578   published formated output
F. Fourouzan S Gunasekaran, A. Hedayati, E. Vuorinen, F. Mücklich „Microstructure Analysis and Mechanical Properties of Low Alloy High Strength Quenchend and Partitioned Steel“ Solid State Phenomena 258 2016   574-578 doi: 10-4028/ published formated output

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